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From: Eric Wong <bofh@yhbt.net>
To: unicorn-public@yhbt.net
Cc: Sam Sanoop <sams@snyk.io>
Subject: [RFC] http_response: ignore invalid header response characters
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 11:59:02 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20201126115902.GA8883@dcvr> (raw)

I don't really like nanny features, and seems like one.
Neither Sam Sanoop nor I think it's is a big deal; and
I'm not sure if it's worth the extra complexity...
(not that I have any code which is affected by this)

So it's an RFC for now and plain-text comments appreciated,
here, thanks.

Subject: [RFC] http_response: ignore invalid header response characters

Rack applications may blindly pass headers from untrusted
sources, leading to response header injection.  Silently filter
out some invalid characters which Rack::Lint should've caught,

Additional checks will increase CPU usage for all and may be
redundant for some users, so perhaps it's not worth penalizing
all users for the few apps that blindly pass headers through.

Also, the %r{[\(\),\/:;<=>\?@\[\\\]{}[:cntrl:]]} key check may
be overkill, since %r{\r\n} are all that are needed for the key.

Similarly, the /[\x00-\x09]/ && /[\x0b-\x1f]/ value check may
also be overkill, since \x0d (\r) is all that's needed for the
header value.

cf. https://medium.com/cyberverse/crlf-injection-playbook-472c67f1cb46

Reported-by: Twitter user: @ooooooo_q (via Sam Sanoop)
Reported-by: Sam Sanoop <sams@snyk.io>

Note: As a Free Software project, we cannot endorse proprietary
  messaging systems and thus have no way of communicating with
  those who rely on them.
 lib/unicorn/http_response.rb | 10 +++++++---
 test/unit/test_response.rb   | 12 ++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/unicorn/http_response.rb b/lib/unicorn/http_response.rb
index b23e521..2585385 100644
--- a/lib/unicorn/http_response.rb
+++ b/lib/unicorn/http_response.rb
@@ -33,14 +33,18 @@ def http_response_write(socket, status, headers, body,
             "Connection: close\r\n"
       headers.each do |key, value|
         case key
-        when %r{\A(?:Date|Connection)\z}i
-          next
+        when %r{\A(?:Date|Connection)\z}i,
+             %r{[\(\),\/:;<=>\?@\[\\\]{}[:cntrl:]]} # cf. rack/lint.rb
+          # ignore headers we don't like
         when "rack.hijack"
           # This should only be hit under Rack >= 1.5, as this was an illegal
           # key in Rack < 1.5
           hijack = value
-          if value =~ /\n/
+          case value
+          when /[\x00-\x09]/, /[\x0b-\x1f]/
+            # invalid values are noop
+          when /\n/ # rack allows "\n"
             # avoiding blank, key-only cookies with /\n+/
             value.split(/\n+/).each { |v| buf << "#{key}: #{v}\r\n" }
diff --git a/test/unit/test_response.rb b/test/unit/test_response.rb
index fbe433f..a3a6deb 100644
--- a/test/unit/test_response.rb
+++ b/test/unit/test_response.rb
@@ -42,6 +42,18 @@ def test_response_header_broken_nil
     assert_match %r{^Nil: \r\n}sm, out.string, 'nil accepted'
+  def test_bad_val
+    out = StringIO.new
+    http_response_write(out, 200, {'R' => "\r"}, %w(x))
+    assert_not_match %r{^R: \r\r\n}s, out.string
+  end
+  def test_bad_key
+    out = StringIO.new
+    http_response_write(out, 200, {"\r" => "R"}, %w(x))
+    assert_not_match %r{: R\r\n}s, out.string
+  end
   def test_response_string_status
     out = StringIO.new
     http_response_write(out,'200', {}, [])

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