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From: Eric Wong <e@80x24.org>
To: Jean Boussier <jean.boussier@shopify.com>
Cc: unicorn-public@yhbt.net
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Master promotion with SIGURG (CoW optimization)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2022 00:30:23 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20220708003023.M508180@dcvr> (raw)
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Jean Boussier <jean.boussier@shopify.com> wrote:

(fully quoting original message for archival purposes, original
was sent privately)

> > SIGURG is fine, having SIGUSR2 mean two things seems fragile and error-prone
> Ack.
> > I'm fine with requiring Linux for this feature, existing
> > features need to continue working on *BSD...
> Sounds good.
> > *_fork callbacks already work for your current patch, though, right?;
> > so hopefully *_refork won't be needed...
> Yeah, I don't think it's necessary.
> > sidenote: no need for kgio, I've been meaning to get rid of it
> > (Ruby 2.3+ has everything we'd need, I think...)
> Yes. I just didn't want to make such change in my patch.
> I can send a patch to remove kgio and require Ruby 2.3 if you wish.

I don't think Ruby 2.3+ is even necessary, just yet, nor kgio.
None of these new code paths should be exception-intensive to be
a performance problem.

> > I would prefer this Linux-only approach if it gets rid of PID
> > files and doesn't introduce new temporary files/FIFOs.
> Ack. I'll get back to that one then.
> > It seems socketpair(..., SOCK_SEQPACKET) can be used for
> > packetized bidirectional IPC, perhaps with send_io + recv_io iff
> > necessary.  There shouldn't be any need for new, fragile FS
> > interactions.
> Hum. I'm not familiar with socketpair, I'll have to read on it.

SOCK_SEQPACKET has worked well on Linux for ages; and seems to
work well on FreeBSD 12+, at least; but I haven't tried it on
other OSes...

socketpair itself is ancient and every *nix has it (but only

> > Another idea, have you considered letting master work on some requests?
> > Signal handling would be delayed, and EINTR handling bugs in
> > gems could be exposed, but it'd be completely portable...
> I haven't considered it no, but I'm not really kin on it, because if you do
> this, requests handled by the master can't be timed out.

OK, fair enough.

> If anything, the reliable timeout is the number one reason why I still
> believe unicorn
> is the superior server out there.

/me hides under a desk :<

Honestly, you have no idea how embarrased I am of that (mis)feature.

> > It depends on whether the monitoring process/library can work
> > with other Rack servers, probably; and signal compatibility.
> That's a good point. Assuming unicorn and puma both do reforking on SIGURG,
> then that monitoring process could work with both. Not a bad idea.
> > >   - Many endpoints require database and other network access you probably
> > >     don't want in the master.
> >
> > Wouldn't the *_fork hooks handle that, anyways?
> They are supposed to yes. But I suspect many apps currently work fine
> because some connection are lazily established on first access and just never
> accessed as part of the boot process.
> Once you enable reforking, you might realized that you are missing some code
> in `before_fork`.

OK, fair enough.  I think it's simpler to tell people to improve
existing hooks than introduce new names for similar concepts
(and likely a chunk of duplicated code in their configs)

> > >   - Endpoints may have side effects.
> >
> > Yeah, this would optimize the GET endpoints, at least.
> Well, `GET` endpoints may have side effects too, e.g. a visit counter.
> > Nope, still wrapped.  According to the git-format-patch(1) manpage,
> > Thunderbird can work w/o extensions, actually.
> Damn it, I sent that one using GMail's plain test mode.
> I'm sorry but my work laptop is kinda locked down, so I'm very limited
> in my choice of mail clients. I'll try to send it from my personal computer.

OK, your initial message was from Thunderbird and probably close;
so I figure git@vger.kernel.org could use the feedback if the
git manpage has fallen out-of-date.

> Also less convenient for you, but I guess you can pull my fork:
> git@github.com:casperisfine/unicorn.git
> The two branches are: master-promote and worker-refork.

That would be: https://github.com/casperisfine/unicorn.git

Anonymous HTTPS is mostly fine (more steps to quote/reply to,
and inaccessible offline)

Registration is what I have major problems with.

> > I'm fine with "maintaining it" if it just means Cc-ing you on
> > bugs related to this :>
> Oh that's fine, that was pretty much implied.

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