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* [ANN] unicorn 0.8.3 and 0.9.2
@ 2009-07-20  1:51  7% Eric Wong
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From: Eric Wong @ 2009-07-20  1:51 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: mongrel-unicorn, ruby-talk

Unicorn is a Rack HTTP server for Unix, fast clients and nothing else

These releases fixes compatibility issues the Ruby 1.9.2 preview1
release (and one existing 1.9.x issue).  Note that Rails does
NOT appear to work with Ruby 1.9.2 preview1, but that is outside the
scope of this project.

The 0.9.x series (including 0.9.2) is only recommended for
development/experimental use.  This series is NOT recommended for
production use, use 0.8.3 instead.

* site: http://unicorn.bogomips.org/
* git: git://git.bogomips.org/unicorn.git
* cgit: http://git.bogomips.org/cgit/unicorn.git/
* list: mongrel-unicorn@rubyforge.org

Eric Wong

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2009-07-20  1:51  7% [ANN] unicorn 0.8.3 and 0.9.2 Eric Wong

unicorn Ruby/Rack server user+dev discussion/patches/pulls/bugs/help

Archives are clonable:
	git clone --mirror https://yhbt.net/unicorn-public
	git clone --mirror http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/unicorn-public

Example config snippet for mirrors

Newsgroups are available over NNTP:

 note: .onion URLs require Tor: https://www.torproject.org/

AGPL code for this site: git clone https://public-inbox.org/public-inbox.git