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BranchCommit messageDate
masterunicorn 6.1.02021-12-25
v6-wipMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v6-wip2021-03-15
gperfhttp: gperf 3.0.3 compatibility2019-07-05
no-kgio-wipremove kgio from all read(2) and write(2) wrappers2019-05-26
5.4-stableunicorn 5.4.12018-07-23
v6.1.0unicorn-6.1.0.tar.gz  2021-12-25
v6.0.0unicorn-6.0.0.tar.gz  2021-03-17
v5.8.0unicorn-5.8.0.tar.gz  2020-12-24
v5.7.0unicorn-5.7.0.tar.gz  2020-09-08
v5.6.0unicorn-5.6.0.tar.gz  2020-07-26
DateCommit message
2021-12-25unicorn 6.1.0 HEAD v6.1.0 master
2021-12-25doc: v3 .onion updates, nntp => nntps, minor wording changes
2021-12-25drop Ruby version warning, fix speling errer
2021-12-25epollexclusive: remove rb_gc_force_recycle call
2021-10-24allow Ruby to deduplicate remaining globals
2021-10-04use EPOLLEXCLUSIVE on Linux 4.5+
2021-10-04worker_loop: get rid of select() avoidance hack
2021-10-04http_server: get rid of Process.ppid check
2021-10-04HACKING: drop outdated information about pandoc
2021-10-04makefile: reduce unnecessary rebuilds