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authorEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>2012-12-07 22:15:56 +0000
committerEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>2012-12-07 22:59:39 +0000
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The new check_client_connection option allows unicorn to detect
most disconnected local clients before potentially expensive
application processing begins.

This feature is useful for applications experiencing spikes of
traffic leading to undesirable queue times, as clients will
disconnect (and perhaps even retry, compounding the problem)
before unicorn can even start processing the request.

To enable this feature, add the following line to a unicorn
config file:

      check_client_connection true

This feature only works when nginx (or any other HTTP/1.0+
client) is on the same machine as unicorn.

A huge thanks to Tom Burns for implementing and testing this
change in production with real traffic (including mitigating
an unexpected DoS attack).

ref: http://mid.gmane.org/CAK4qKG3rkfVYLyeqEqQyuNEh_nZ8yw0X_cwTxJfJ+TOU+y8F+w@mail.gmail.com

This release fixes broken Rainbows! compatibility in 4.5.0pre1.
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