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authorEric Wong <e@80x24.org>2019-04-15 07:07:51 +0000
committerEric Wong <e@80x24.org>2019-04-15 07:07:51 +0000
commit6a0fb7c8a80dc1444ba67c2b461b6596ed47466a (patch)
parente1714dc48eb351aa1a4e3296aa3787d6e5ca9fbe (diff)
It's still available, but no point in advertising something
which increases the dependency on a centralized subscriber list.

Subscription will never be required to write to our
centralization-resistant public inbox (which anybody can
read/mirror using HTTP(S) or NNTP).

The mailing list has only attracted a tiny handful of
subscribers since Rubyforge died, and more than half of the
subscribers imported from Rubyforge have bounced off
(or unsubscribed).
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diff --git a/ISSUES b/ISSUES
index c04ff54..473da2f 100644
--- a/ISSUES
+++ b/ISSUES
@@ -94,11 +94,3 @@ Or Atom feeds:
         The HTML archives at https://bogomips.org/unicorn-public/
         also has links to per-thread Atom feeds and downloadable
-You may optionally subscribe via plain-text email:
-        mailto:unicorn-public+subscribe@bogomips.org
-        (and confirming the auto-reply)
-Just keep in mind we suck at delivering email, so using NNTP,
-or Atom feeds might be a better bet...