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   all clients down, just one.  Only UNIX-like systems supporting
   fork() and file descriptor inheritance are supported.
-* The Ragel+C HTTP parser is taken from Mongrel.  This is the
-  only non-Ruby part and there are no plans to add any more
-  non-Ruby components.
+* The Ragel+C HTTP parser is taken from Mongrel.
 * All HTTP parsing and I/O is done much like Mongrel:
     1. read/parse HTTP request headers in full
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 * One master process spawns and reaps worker processes.  The
   Rack application itself is called only within the worker process (but
   can be loaded within the master).  A copy-on-write friendly garbage
-  collector like the one found in Ruby 2.0.0dev or Ruby Enterprise Edition
+  collector like the one found in mainline Ruby 2.0.0 and later
   can be used to minimize memory usage along with the "preload_app true"
   directive (see Unicorn::Configurator).