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2009-04-02unicorn_rails: cleanup redundant bits
2009-04-02More descriptive process titles
2009-04-01test_upload: fix a race condition in unlink test
2009-04-01Close std{err,out} redirection targets
2009-04-01FD_CLOEXEC all non-listen descriptors before exec
2009-04-01All IOs created in workers have FD_CLOEXEC set
2009-04-01Remove set_cloexec wrapper and require FD_CLOEXEC
2009-04-01test_exec: add test case for per-worker listeners
2009-04-01Merge unicorn
2009-04-01unicorn 0.4.1 v0.4.1
2009-04-01Manifest: updates
2009-04-01Add local.mk.sample file that I use
2009-04-01Documentation updates, prep for 0.4.1 release
2009-04-01Manifest update
2009-04-01test_rails: 4x speedup
2009-04-01Add more tests for Rails
2009-04-01cgi_wrapper: HTTP status code cleanups
2009-04-01GNUmakefile: prefix errors with $(extra) variable
2009-04-01cgi_wrapper: fix cookies and other headers
2009-03-31test: factor out exec helpers into common code for Rails tests
2009-03-31Rails stack tests for unicorn_rails
2009-03-31unicorn_rails: cleanup path mapping usage
2009-03-31Use {read,write}_nonblock on the pipe
2009-03-31unicorn_rails: minor cleanup for dead variable
2009-03-31configurator: remove unnecessary SocketHelper include
2009-03-31Better canonicalization of listener paths + tests
2009-03-30cgi_wrapper: ensure "Status:" header is not set
2009-03-30GNUmakefile: add test-exec and test-unit targets
2009-03-30unicorn_rails: give more info when aborting
2009-03-30app/old_rails/static: define missing constant
2009-03-30bin/*: parse CLI switches in config.ru sooner
2009-03-29test_exec: fix another race condition
2009-03-29Fix default listener setup
2009-03-29test_exec: fix response bodies
2009-03-29test_exec: fix race conditions
2009-03-29Avoid having two pid files pointing to the same pid
2009-03-29http11: use :http_body instead of "HTTP_BODY"
2009-03-29configurator: favor "listen" directive over "listeners"
2009-03-29configurator: per-listener backlog, {rcv,snd}buf config
2009-03-29TODO: update roadmap to 1.0.0
2009-03-29test_response: ensure response body is closed
2009-03-29test_response: ensure closed socket after write
2009-03-27Always try to send a valid HTTP response back
2009-03-27Remove needless line break
2009-03-27test_server: quieter tests
2009-03-27No need to disable luserspace buffering on client socket
2009-03-27style: symbols instead of strings for signal names
2009-03-27Deferred log rotation in workers
2009-03-26Don't allow failed log rotation to to break app
2009-03-25Merge commit 'v0.2.3'