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2009-08-09http: remove noise functions
2009-08-09http: cleanup setting for common values => globals
2009-08-09http: move global initialization code
2009-08-09http: split out server params handling
2009-08-09http: minor cleanup of http_field handling
2009-08-09http: small cleanup in "https" detection
2009-08-09http: "hp" denotes http_parser structs for consistency
2009-08-09http: remove some redundant functions
2009-08-09http: split uncommon_field into a separate function
2009-08-09http: find_common_field_value => find_common_field
2009-08-09Refactoring unicorn_http C/Ragel code
2009-08-09extconf: SIZEOF_OFF_T should be a ruby.h macro
2009-08-09unicorn_http: add helpful macros
2009-08-09unicorn_http: change "global_" prefix to "g_"
2009-08-09unicorn_http: update copyright
2009-08-09unicorn_http: remove typedef from http_parser
2009-08-09Remove Ragel-generated file from version control
2009-08-09unicorn_http: small cleanups and size reduction
2009-08-06README: latest stable version is 0.8.4
2009-07-20Update Rails tests to run on Rails
2009-07-19README: update version numbers for website
2009-07-19unicorn 0.9.2 v0.9.2
2009-07-19app/exec_cgi: fix 1.9 compatibility
2009-07-19fix tests to run correctly under 1.9.2preview1
2009-07-19Remove core Tempfile dependency (1.9.2-preview1 compat)
2009-07-16HttpRequest: no need for a temporary variable
2009-07-16http_request: don't support apps that close env["rack.input"]
2009-07-16move all #gets logic to tee_input out of chunked_reader
2009-07-15Rename unicorn/http11 => unicorn_http
2009-07-14README: update about development/stable versions
2009-07-14README: add Gmane newsgroup info
2009-07-09unicorn 0.9.1 (merge 0.8.2) v0.9.1
2009-07-09unicorn 0.8.2 v0.8.2
2009-07-09always set FD_CLOEXEC on sockets post-accept()
2009-07-08Minor cleanups to core
2009-07-08Re-add support for non-portable socket options
2009-07-08Retry listen() on EADDRINUSE 5 times ever 500ms
2009-07-08Unbind listeners as before stopping workers
2009-07-04Minor cleanups to core
2009-07-04Favor Struct members to instance variables
2009-07-03Avoid temporary array creation
2009-07-01unicorn 0.9.0 v0.9.0
2009-07-01Remove cat-chunk-proxy, curl CVS supports non-blocking stdin
2009-07-01Force streaming input onto apps by default
2009-07-01tee_input: avoid ignoring initial body blob
2009-07-01Move "Expect: 100-continue" handling to the app
2009-07-01Re-add support for non-portable socket options
2009-06-30Retry listen() on EADDRINUSE 5 times ever 500ms
2009-06-30Unbind listeners as before stopping workers
2009-06-30TrailerParser integration into ChunkedReader