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2009-12-07unicorn 0.95.2 v0.95.2
2009-12-07http_request: small cleanup/code reduction
2009-12-07doc: add ISSUES document
2009-12-06doc/ChangeLog: make LOG_VERSION sane if dirty
2009-12-06doc/NEWS.atom: add xhtml, remove shortlog from text
2009-12-06doc/HACKING: "git format-patch" with "-M" is better
2009-12-06http: PATH_INFO/REQUEST_PATH includes semi-colons
2009-11-29Add rake-compiler support for cross compiles
2009-11-23configurator: shorten rdoc, link to examples instead
2009-11-23publish_doc task includes examples directory
2009-11-23Add examples for nginx and unicorn
2009-11-21test_exec: sleep a little longer to avoid race :<
2009-11-21cleanup: remove needless returns
2009-11-21http: Rubinius 0.13.0 compatibility fix
2009-11-21README: deployments are not as rare as previously thought
2009-11-21README: add a note about the HACKING page
2009-11-21README: remove http:// git repo links
2009-11-21doc: "RubyGems" is the correct capitalization
2009-11-21README: "an HTTP" server seems to be the correct form
2009-11-21README: Gemcutter is our (and everyone elses) gem host now
2009-11-21GNUmakefile: gem push for gemcutter
2009-11-21unicorn 0.95.1 v0.95.1
2009-11-21GNUmakefile: prep release process for gemcutter
2009-11-18Do not expand paths given on the shell
2009-11-18SIGNALS: HUP + preload_app cannot reload app code
2009-11-15unicorn 0.95.0 v0.95.0
2009-11-15tee_input: client_error always raises
2009-11-15Rakefile: add raa_update task
2009-11-15ClientShutdown: RDoc
2009-11-15socket_helper: RDoc for constants
2009-11-15socket_helper: do not hide errors when setting socket options
2009-11-15replace "rescue => e" with "rescue Object => e"
2009-11-15tee_input: expand client error handling
2009-11-15test_server: ensure stderr is written to before reading
2009-11-14const: no need to freeze HTTP_EXPECT
2009-11-14old_rails: autoload Static
2009-11-14old_rails/static: avoid freezing strings
2009-11-14preserve user/group ownership when reopening logs
2009-11-14configurator: listen :umask parameter for UNIX sockets
2009-11-13bump version to 0.95.0pre
2009-11-13configurator: update RDoc and comments in examples
2009-11-13FAQ: additional notes on getting HTTPS redirects right
2009-11-13tee_input: fix comment from an intermediate commit
2009-11-13raise Unicorn::ClientShutdown if client aborts in TeeInput
2009-11-13tee_input: don't shadow struct members
2009-11-11tee_input: better premature disconnect handling
2009-11-11FAQ: fix links to Configurator docs
2009-11-11Add FAQ
2009-11-11tee_input: fix RDoc argument definition for tee
2009-11-09Load Unicorn constants when building app