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2011-04-26unicorn 3.6.1 - fix OpenSSL PRNG workaround v3.6.1
2011-04-26properly reseed OpenSSL::Random after forking
2011-04-21unicorn 3.6.0 - small fixes, PRNG workarounds v3.6.0
2011-04-21http_server: fix Rainbows! compatibility
2011-04-20KNOWN_ISSUES: document PRNG changes in 3.6.0
2011-04-18documentation cleanup/reduction
2011-04-18reseed OpenSSL PRNG upon fork() of workers
2011-04-18reinitialize PRNG for latest Ruby 1.8.7 releases
2011-04-13fix some 1.9.3dev warnings
2011-04-13configurator: fix broken local variable
2011-04-13GNUmakefile: s/Config/RbConfig/
2011-04-13http_server: workers die on log reopen failures
2011-04-13http_parser: remove RDoc
2011-04-13configurator: miscellaneous RDoc improvements
2011-04-13worker: improve RDoc, point users to Configurator#user
2011-04-13configurator: remove outdated user example in after_fork
2011-04-12Document "user" directive in example unicorn conf
2011-04-01util: allow relative paths to be rotated
2011-04-01bump dependencies for testing
2011-04-01drop Rails 2.3.x tests
2011-03-29add examples/logrotate.conf
2011-03-27tmpio: do not redefine size method under 1.9.2+
2011-03-22DESIGN: fix redundant wording
2011-03-22README: s/Gemcutter/RubyGems.org/
2011-03-15unicorn 3.5.0 - very minor improvements v3.5.0
2011-03-08gemspec: update kgio dependency to 2.3.2
2011-03-08gemspec: no need for require_paths
2011-02-25tee_input: remove old *BSD stdio workaround
2011-02-18clear listeners array on SIGQUIT
2011-02-16README: clarify the versions of "Ruby license"
2011-02-10Revert "test_helper: simplify random port binding"
2011-02-10remove unnecessary &block usage
2011-02-07test_helper: avoid FD leakage/waste
2011-02-04unicorn 3.4.0 - for people with very big LANs v3.4.0
2011-02-04bump dependency on kgio
2011-02-03test/unit: fix tests under Ruby 1.9.3dev
2011-02-02Fix Ruby 1.9.3dev warnings
2011-02-02test_helper: simplify random port binding
2011-02-02socket_helper: cleanup leftover debugging statement
2011-02-02socket_helper: export tcp_name as a module_function
2011-02-02allow binding on IPv6 sockets with listen "[#{addr}]:#{port}"
2011-02-02http: parser handles IPv6 bracketed IP hostnames
2011-01-31force socket options to defaults if unspecified
2011-01-31enable TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK by default
2011-01-31test_upload: check size in server
2011-01-28KNOWN_ISSUES: document broken RNG+fork in newer Ruby 1.8
2011-01-25examples/nginx.conf: use try_files directive
2011-01-25examples/nginx: avoid unnecessary listen directive
2011-01-25KNOWN_ISSUES: split old stuff into its own section
2011-01-25KNOWN_ISSUES: FreeBSD 8 and sendfile can be buggy