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2011-08-03KNOWN_ISSUES: add link to FreeBSD jail workaround notes
2011-08-02trap death signals in the worker sooner
2011-07-20http_server: explicitly disable close-on-exec for listeners
2011-07-13http: reject non-LWS CTL chars (0..31 + 127) in field values
2011-07-01socket_helper: fix undefined variable for logging
2011-06-29unicorn 4.0.1 - regression bugfixes v4.0.1
2011-06-29configurator: limit timeout to 32-bit INT_MAX-1
2011-06-29fix per-worker listen directive in after_fork hook
2011-06-27configurator: truncate timeouts to 32-bit LONG_MAX
2011-06-27unicorn 4.0.0 - for mythical hardware! v4.0.0
2011-06-27slightly faster worker process spawning
2011-06-25reenable heartbeat checking for idle workers
2011-06-24test with latest kgio and rack versions
2011-06-24allow multiline comments in config.ru
2011-06-23http_server: avoid race conditions on SIGQUIT
2011-06-22http_server: remove unused variable
2011-06-22gemspec: fix raindrops dependency
2011-06-22TODO: remove scalability to >= 1024 workers item
2011-06-17test_http_parser: fix for URI too long errors (#3)
2011-06-17error logging is more consistent
2011-06-17add broken app test from Rainbows!
2011-06-17ensure at_exit handlers run on graceful shutdown
2011-06-16replace fchmod()-based heartbeat with raindrops
2011-06-16add heartbeat timeout test from Rainbows!
2011-06-15memory reductions in worker process
2011-06-15test_http_parser: fix for URI too long errors (again)
2011-06-15http_server: kill another stack frame off
2011-06-15http_server: factor out inherit_listeners! method
2011-06-15test_response: httpdate is low resolution
2011-06-15remove BasicSocket.do_not_reverse_lookup setting
2011-06-15http: delay CoW string invalidations in filter_body
2011-06-15http: remove tainting flag
2011-06-15http_server: get rid of EINTR checks
2011-06-15test_http_parser: fix for URI too long errors
2011-06-15http_server: further reduce stack usage for app.call
2011-06-14http_server: small cleanups for attr assignments
2011-06-14http_server: do not rescue from proper exits
2011-06-14http: fix documentation for dechunk!
2011-06-13http: dechunk! method to enter dechunk mode
2011-06-13http: document reasoning for memcpy in filter_body
2011-06-13http: rename variables in filter_body implementation
2011-06-13change TCP defaults to favor low latency
2011-06-13gemspec: bump kgio dependency to ~> 2.4
2011-06-11runtime stack size reductions
2011-06-10test/benchmark/stack.ru: app for measuring stack depth
2011-06-09unicorn 3.7.0 - minor feature update v3.7.0
2011-06-07configurator: add :ipv6only directive
2011-06-07build: ensure gem and tgz targets build manpages
2011-06-07examples/nginx.conf: better wording for ipv6only comment
2011-06-06examples/nginx.conf: add ipv6only comment