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2009-04-02unicorn 0.4.2 v0.4.2
2009-04-01Manifest: updates
2009-04-01Manifest update
2009-03-25Socket: add {snd,rcv}buf opts to bind_listen
2009-03-21HttpRequest test so our requests pass Rack::Lint
2009-03-20Add Unicorn::App::ExecCgi
2009-03-19start libifying common launcher code
2009-03-18unicorn v0.2.1, fix the Manifest v0.2.1
2009-03-09Remove sinatra example
2009-03-09Remove COPYING, it is redundant with LICENSE
2009-03-03unicorn/http11: hopefully fix gem installation
2009-03-03Add Unicorn::Util for a reopen_logs method
2009-02-25rename http11 => unicorn/http11
2009-02-23Update Manifest
2009-02-10Update Manifest
2009-02-09Remove test/ files we don't care about, update Manifest
2009-02-09Remove threading and use worker processes instead
2009-02-09Remove Java and Win32 support
2009-01-31New manifest.
2008-03-31A bunch of corrections to the Rakefiles and the Manifest.
2008-02-20Update manifest for changed test layout; add CONTRIBUTORS file to the RDoc pa...
2007-11-01manifest; jruby test removed
2007-11-01add TODO
2007-10-31Mongrel::Gems helper to deal with Rubygems and ActiveSupport infighting
2007-10-22update manifest
2007-09-25fix manifest, fix ignore pattern
2007-09-24remove irrelevant files from the manifest
2007-09-23signed mongrel gem