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2009-04-02unicorn: remove unnecessary lambda generation
2009-04-02unicorn_rails: cleanup redundant bits
2009-03-31unicorn_rails: cleanup path mapping usage
2009-03-31unicorn_rails: minor cleanup for dead variable
2009-03-30unicorn_rails: give more info when aborting
2009-03-30bin/*: parse CLI switches in config.ru sooner
2009-03-29Fix default listener setup
2009-03-23unicorn_rails: support non-Rack versions of Rails
2009-03-20unicorn_rails: remove unnecessary Rack-loading logic
2009-03-19unicorn_rails: fix standard pid path setup
2009-03-19start libifying common launcher code
2009-03-18Add unicorn_rails script for Rails 2.3.2
2009-03-09Add -s/--server switch for compatibility with rackup
2009-03-09Revert "Remove -P/--pid switch from CLI"
2009-03-09Revert "exec: disable embedded switch parsing in config.ru"
2009-03-04Remove "directory" config option
2009-03-04Ensure we always try to have a default listener
2009-03-03require Rack as late as possible in execution
2009-03-03Allow stderr_path and stdout_path to be set in the config
2009-03-03Begin to allow deferred app creation/loading
2009-03-03Remove unnecessary separators in help text
2009-03-03Remove -P/--pid switch from CLI
2009-03-03test for "unicorn --help" output
2009-03-03exec: disable embedded switch parsing in config.ru
2009-02-23Allow overriding :directory or via -C/--directory
2009-02-21Replace unicorn binary with something rackup-like
2009-02-10setup.rb friendliness
2009-02-10add hot_config_file config parameter
2009-02-09daemonization by setting UNICORN_DAEMONIZE env
2009-02-09Refactor and get exec + FD inheritance working
2009-01-31No more throttling.
2009-01-31Merge pivotal code.
2009-01-31No commands.
2008-05-22I think that was a bug.
2008-04-17Document issue with soft restart pid file setting (closes #29).
2008-04-17Apply r1003 to stable.
2008-03-31Somehow the RUBY_PLATFORM regexp got lost between branches... great!
2008-03-24Backport Eric's changes to the http parser from trunk (Eric Wong).
2007-11-12close #15539
2007-11-01oops... gems is quite necessary
2007-10-27obey address flag
2007-10-18i feel like that should block
2007-10-15timeout default was wrong
2007-09-24refactor timeout and death_time to throttle and timeout, respectively, make t...
2007-08-29Small documentation update. (closes: #13299)
2007-08-25Validates log and PID paths after loading them from a config file. Guys, plea...
2007-08-14Corrected help text.
2007-08-13require cgi_multipart in mongrel itself, not mongrel_rails; bump required ver...
2006-12-16Wait parameter for stop --force which waits for the pid to go away, and then ...
2006-12-16Whitelist for headers which can be duplicated.