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2018-10-18doc: update more URLs to use HTTPS and avoid redirects
2016-10-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/website-move'
2016-10-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jr/init'
2016-10-25relocate website to https://bogomips.org/unicorn/
2016-06-20examples/logrotate.conf: update example for systemd
2016-06-13doc: systemd should only kill master in example
2016-06-07examples/init.sh: update to reduce upgrade raciness jr/init
2016-03-17doc: reference --keep-file-descriptors for "bundle exec"
2015-11-17examples: add systemd socket and service files
2015-10-15unicorn.conf.rb: remove mention of REE-specific setting
2015-07-15doc: remove references to old servers
2015-02-04remove old inetd+git examples and exec_cgi
2014-10-04examples: add run_once to before_fork hook example
2013-04-05doc: update documentation for systemd + PrivateTmp users
2012-11-29check_client_connection: document local-only requirement
2012-11-29Begin writing HTTP request headers early to detect disconnected clients
2012-03-20examples/nginx.conf: use $scheme instead of hard-coded "https"
2012-03-20examples/nginx.conf: remove redundant word
2012-01-28doc: update doc for Ruby 2.0.0dev CoW-friendliness
2011-06-07examples/nginx.conf: better wording for ipv6only comment
2011-06-06examples/nginx.conf: add ipv6only comment
2011-04-29oob_gc: reimplement to fix breakage and add tests
2011-04-29examples/big_app_gc: fix comment
2011-04-29examples/big_app_gc: update this example
2011-04-27examples/nginx.conf: clarify proxy_buffering for Rails 3.1
2011-04-12Document "user" directive in example unicorn conf
2011-03-29add examples/logrotate.conf
2011-01-25examples/nginx.conf: use try_files directive
2011-01-25examples/nginx: avoid unnecessary listen directive
2010-10-27examples/unicorn.conf: add a note about throttling signals
2010-06-10examples/init: "upgrade" task waits for completion
2010-06-04doc: emphasize the importance of stderr_path
2010-05-06examples: add big_app_gc monkey patch
2010-02-08examples/init.sh: add "reopen-logs" target
2010-02-08examples/init.sh: reenable set -u
2010-01-25KNOWN_ISSUES: background threads + Logger monkey patch
2009-11-23Add examples for nginx and unicorn
2009-10-09examples/init.sh: remove "set -u"
2009-08-18examples/echo: "Expect:" value is case-insensitive
2009-07-04Favor Struct members to instance variables
2009-07-01Remove cat-chunk-proxy, curl CVS supports non-blocking stdin
2009-07-01Force streaming input onto apps by default
2009-06-07examples/cat-chunk-proxy: link to proposed curl(1) patch
2009-06-06Unicorn::App::Inetd: reinventing Unix, poorly :)
2009-06-05Transfer-Encoding: chunked streaming input support
2009-04-29Add example init script
2009-03-09Remove sinatra example
2009-02-11Add Sinatra example
2009-02-01Realistic defaults.
2009-01-31Added simple rack application