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2020-03-19http: improve RFC 7230 conformance
2020-01-20doc: s/bogomips.org/yhbt.net/g
2018-12-26use rb_gc_register_mark_object
2018-12-12deduplicate strings VM-wide in Ruby 2.5+
2017-12-16avoid reusing env on hijack
2017-10-03fix GC issue on rb_global_variable array
2017-03-08unicorn_http: reduce rb_global_variable calls
2016-11-09drop rb_str_set_len compatibility replacement
2016-10-20Add some tolerance (RFC2616 sec. 19.3)
2015-12-13http: TypedData C-API conversion
2015-07-15doc: remove references to old servers
2015-06-06http: move response_start_sent into the C ext
2015-05-29http: use rb_hash_clear in Ruby 2.0+
2015-03-02http: remove experimental dechunk! method
2015-03-02http: remove deprecated reset method
2015-02-04http: standalone require + reduction in binary size
2015-01-28http: -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings on clang
2014-09-17http: reduce parser from 72 to 56 bytes on 64-bit
2014-08-18http: remove the keepalive requests limit
2014-05-29http: remove xftrust options
2013-10-26license: allow all future versions of the GNU GPL
2013-05-08HttpParser#next? becomes response_start_sent-aware
2013-02-26http: avoid frozen string bug in filter_body
2013-02-24httpdate: minor size reduction in DSO
2012-11-29Begin writing HTTP request headers early to detect disconnected clients
2012-04-17http: increase REQUEST_PATH maximum length to 4K
2011-08-29add GPLv3 option to the license
2011-07-13http: reject non-LWS CTL chars (0..31 + 127) in field values
2011-06-15http: delay CoW string invalidations in filter_body
2011-06-15http: remove tainting flag
2011-06-14http: fix documentation for dechunk!
2011-06-13http: dechunk! method to enter dechunk mode
2011-06-13http: document reasoning for memcpy in filter_body
2011-06-13http: rename variables in filter_body implementation
2011-05-23http: call rb_str_modify before rb_str_resize
2011-05-23strip trailing and leading linear whitespace in headers
2011-05-05http_parser: add max_header_len accessor
2011-05-04http_parser: new add_parse method
2011-05-04return 414 for URI length violations
2011-02-02http: parser handles IPv6 bracketed IP hostnames
2011-01-05http_parser: add clear method, deprecate reset
2011-01-04http_response: implement httpdate in C
2010-12-29http: remove unnecessary dir_config statement
2010-12-26http: #keepalive? and #headers? work after #next?
2010-12-21http: hook up "trust_x_forwarded" to configurator
2010-12-20http: allow ignoring X-Forwarded-* for url_scheme
2010-12-20http: refactor finalize_header function
2010-12-20http: update setting of "https" for rack.url_scheme
2010-12-20http: support keepalive_requests directive
2010-12-19http: delay clearing env on HttpParser#next?