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2011-02-04unicorn 3.4.0 - for people with very big LANs v3.4.0
2011-02-02Fix Ruby 1.9.3dev warnings
2011-02-02socket_helper: cleanup leftover debugging statement
2011-02-02socket_helper: export tcp_name as a module_function
2011-02-02allow binding on IPv6 sockets with listen "[#{addr}]:#{port}"
2011-01-31force socket options to defaults if unspecified
2011-01-31enable TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK by default
2011-01-21exec_cgi: handle Status header in CGI response
2011-01-21exec_cgi: make output compatible with IO.copy_stream
2011-01-19configurator: undocument trust_x_forwarded_for
2011-01-07http_response: do not skip Status header set by app
2011-01-06unicorn 3.3.1 - one minor, esoteric bugfix v3.3.1
2011-01-05close client socket after closing response body
2011-01-05unicorn 3.3.0 - minor optimizations v3.3.0
2011-01-05http_parser: add clear method, deprecate reset
2011-01-05http_response: simplify the status == 100 comparison
2011-01-05http_server: remove unnecessary 'nil'
2011-01-05socket_helper: expose more defaults in DEFAULTS hash
2011-01-04http_response: implement httpdate in C
2010-12-30http_response: do not account for $, being set
2010-12-26unicorn 3.2.1 - parser improvements for Rainbows! v3.2.1
2010-12-26unicorn 3.2.0 - parser improvements for Rainbows! v3.2.0
2010-12-26http_server: remove needless lambda
2010-12-26http_response: remove TODO item
2010-12-21configurator: RDoc cleanups and improvements
2010-12-21http: hook up "trust_x_forwarded" to configurator
2010-12-10unicorn 3.1.0 - client_buffer_body_size tuning v3.1.0
2010-12-09allow client_buffer_body_size to be tuned
2010-12-09configurator: ensure examples in FAQ still work
2010-12-09tee_input: fix accounting error on corked requests
2010-12-03unicorn 3.0.1 - one bugfix for Rainbows! v3.0.1
2010-12-02stream_input: avoid trailer parsing on unchunked requests
2010-11-20unicorn 3.0.0 - disable rewindable input! v3.0.0
2010-11-20stream_input: use String#sub! instead of gsub!
2010-11-20stream_input: small cleanups and fixes
2010-11-19unicorn 3.0.0pre2 - less bad than 2.x or 3.0.0pre1! v3.0.0pre2
2010-11-18stream_input: read with zero length returns ''
2010-11-17http_server: fix HttpParserError constant resolution
2010-11-16unicorn 3.0.0pre1 v3.0.0pre1
2010-11-16preread_input: no-op for non-rewindable "rack.input"
2010-11-13tee_input: restore read position after #size
2010-11-12*_input: make life easier for subclasses/modules
2010-11-11configurator: enable "rewindable_input" directive
2010-11-11add stream_input class and build tee_input on it
2010-11-11switch versions to 3.0.0pre
2010-11-07tee_input: switch to simpler API for parsing trailers
2010-10-27unicorn 2.0.0 - mostly internal cleanups v2.0.0
2010-10-27configurator: reloading with unset values restores default
2010-10-27configurator: use "__send__" instead of "send"
2010-10-27configurator: switch to normal class