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tag namev0.6.0 (48ba4e93119fa560d9e3d9b5a91c72b758fcc38c)
tag date2009-04-24 14:47:38 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit d3b0894e9b...
unicorn 0.6.0
* Mostly OCD-induced yak-shaving changes

* SIGTTIN and SIGTTOU are now used to control incrementing and
  decrementing of worker processes without needing to change
  the config file and SIGHUP.

Eric Wong (46):
      test_upload: ensure StringIO objects are binary
      http11: cleanup #includes and whitespace
      GNUmakefile: Fix ragel dependencies
      GNUmakefile: kill trailing whitespace after ragel
      Move absolute URI parsing into HTTP parser
      http11: remove unused variables/elements
      http_request: freeze modifiable elements
      HttpParser: set QUERY_STRING for Rack-compliance
      GNUmakefile: mark test_signals as a slow test
      const: remove unused QUERY_STRING constant
      http11: formatting cleanups
      http11: remove callbacks from structure
      replace DATA_GET macro with a function
      http11: minor cleanups in return types
      http11: make parser obey HTTP_HOST with empty port
      http11: cleanup some CPP macros
      http11: rfc2616 handling of absolute URIs
      http_response: small speedup by eliminating loop
      Stop extending core classes
      rename socket.rb => socket_helper.rb
      Remove @start_ctx instance variable
      http11: support underscores in URI hostnames
      test: empty port test for absolute URIs
      Cleanup some unnecessary requires
      Cleanup GNUmakefile and fix dependencies
      Fix data corruption with small uploads via browsers
      Get rid of UNICORN_TMP_BASE constant
      GNUmakefile: mark test_upload as a slow test
      unicorn_rails: avoid nesting lambdas
      test_exec: cleanup stale socket on exit
      Merge commit 'v0.5.4'
      http_request: micro optimizations
      IO_PURGATORY should be a global constant
      Make LISTENERS and WORKERS global constants, too
      test_socket_helper: disable GC for this test
      http_response: just barely faster
      http_response: minor performance gains
      make SELF_PIPE is a global constant
      Describe the global constants we use.
      Fixup reference to a dead variable
      Avoid getppid() if serving heavy traffic
      minor cleanups and save a few variables
      Allow std{err,out}_path to be changed via HUP
      SIGTT{IN,OU} {in,de}crements worker_processes
      cleanup: avoid duped self-pipe init/replacement logic
      unicorn 0.6.0