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tag namev0.9.0 (0cf4adbd77800764d84d2a1b6b2018ab111e745d)
tag date2009-07-01 15:24:13 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit b67ff58773...
unicorn 0.9.0
We now have support for "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" bodies in
requests.  Not only that, Rack applications reading input bodies
get that data streamed off to the client socket on an as-needed
basis.  This allows the application to do things like upload
progress notification and even tunneling of arbitrary stream
protocols via bidirectional chunked encoding.

See Unicorn::App::Inetd and examples/git.ru (including the
comments) for an example of tunneling the git:// protocol over

This release also gives applications the ability to respond
positively to "Expect: 100-continue" headers before being rerun
without closing the socket connection.  See Unicorn::App::Inetd
for an example of how this is used.

This release is NOT recommended for production use.

Eric Wong (43):
      http_request: no need to reset the request
      http_request: StringIO is binary for empty bodies (1.9)
      http_request: fix typo for 1.9
      Transfer-Encoding: chunked streaming input support
      Unicorn::App::Inetd: reinventing Unix, poorly :)
      README: update with mailing list info
      local.mk.sample: publish_doc gzips all html, js, css
      Put copyright text in new files, include GPL2 text
      examples/cat-chunk-proxy: link to proposed curl(1) patch
      Update TODO
      Avoid duplicating the "Z" constant
      Optimize body-less GET/HEAD requests (again)
      tee_input: Don't expose the @rd object as a return value
      exec_cgi: small cleanups
      README: another note about older Sinatra
      tee_input: avoid defining a @rd.size method
      Make TeeInput easier to use
      test_upload: add tests for chunked encoding
      GNUmakefile: more stringent error checking in tests
      test_upload: fix ECONNRESET with 1.9
      GNUmakefile: allow TRACER= to be specified for tests
      test_rails: workaround long-standing 1.9 bug
      tee_input: avoid rereading fresh data
      "Fix" tests that break with stream_input=false
      inetd: fix broken constant references
      configurator: provide stream_input (true|false) option
      chunked_reader: simpler interface
      http_request: force BUFFER to be Encoding::BINARY
      ACK clients on "Expect: 100-continue" header
      Only send "100 Continue" when no body has been sent
      http_request: tighter Transfer-Encoding: "chunked" check
      Add trailer_parser for parsing trailers
      chunked_reader: Add test for chunk parse failure
      TeeInput: use only one IO for tempfile
      trailer_parser: set keys with "HTTP_" prefix
      TrailerParser integration into ChunkedReader
      Unbind listeners as before stopping workers
      Retry listen() on EADDRINUSE 5 times ever 500ms
      Re-add support for non-portable socket options
      Move "Expect: 100-continue" handling to the app
      tee_input: avoid ignoring initial body blob
      Force streaming input onto apps by default
      unicorn 0.9.0