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tag namev0.9.2 (5225e9e9f9fd46907dca97115cfeb2de4c8e3c32)
tag date2009-07-19 18:29:23 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit dff2ef2712...
unicorn 0.9.2
This release mainly fixes compatibility issues the Ruby 1.9.2 preview1
release (and one existing 1.9.x issue).  Note that Rails does
NOT appear to work with Ruby 1.9.2 preview1, but that is outside the
scope of this project.

The 0.9.x series (including this release) is only recommended for
development/experimental use.  This series is NOT recommended for
production use, use 0.8.x instead.

Eric Wong (10):
      README: add Gmane newsgroup info
      README: update about development/stable versions
      Rename unicorn/http11 => unicorn_http
      move all #gets logic to tee_input out of chunked_reader
      http_request: don't support apps that close env["rack.input"]
      HttpRequest: no need for a temporary variable
      Remove core Tempfile dependency (1.9.2-preview1 compat)
      fix tests to run correctly under 1.9.2preview1
      app/exec_cgi: fix 1.9 compatibility
      unicorn 0.9.2