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tag namev0.90.0 (0e79ec4d60e3947e4ca58984db9799a1dcf04f49)
tag date2009-08-16 17:24:07 -0700
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 12d9161f33...
unicorn 0.90.0
Moved chunked decoding and trailer parsing over to C/Ragel.
Minor bug fixes, internal code cleanups, and API changes.

Eric Wong (55):
      README: update version numbers for website
      Update Rails tests to run on Rails
      README: latest stable version is 0.8.4
      unicorn_http: small cleanups and size reduction
      Remove Ragel-generated file from version control
      unicorn_http: remove typedef from http_parser
      unicorn_http: update copyright
      unicorn_http: change "global_" prefix to "g_"
      unicorn_http: add helpful macros
      extconf: SIZEOF_OFF_T should be a ruby.h macro
      Refactoring unicorn_http C/Ragel code
      http: find_common_field_value => find_common_field
      http: split uncommon_field into a separate function
      http: remove some redundant functions
      http: "hp" denotes http_parser structs for consistency
      http: small cleanup in "https" detection
      http: minor cleanup of http_field handling
      http: split out server params handling
      http: move global initialization code
      http: cleanup setting for common values => globals
      http: remove noise functions
      http: move non-Ruby-specific macros c_util.h
      http: prepare http_parser struct for body processing
      http: generic C string vs VALUEs comparison function
      http: process Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding
      http: preliminary chunk decoding
      test_upload: extra CRLF is needed
      Switch to Ragel/C-based chunk/trailer parser
      http: unit tests for overflow and bad lengths
      http: add test for invalid trailer
      http: join repeated headers with a comma
      test_util: explicitly close tempfiles for GC-safety
      test_exec: wait for worker readiness
      Documentation updates
      test_signals: unlink log files of KILL-ed process
      http: rename read_body to filter_body
      http: add CONST_MEM_EQ macro
      http: add "HttpParser#keepalive?" method
      http: freeze fields when creating them, always
      README: everybody loves Ruby DSLs
      http_request: reinstate empty StringIO optimization
      tee_input: make interface more usable outside of Unicorn
      Drop the micro benchmarks
      http: fix warning when sizeof(off_t) == sizeof(long long)
      GNUmakefile: Fix "install" target
      Fix documentation for Util.reopen_logs
      http_response: pass through unknown status codes
      const: remove unused constants
      update TODO
      http: support for "Connection: keep-alive"
      TODO: remove keep-alive/pipelining
      Make launchers __END__-aware
      Remove explicit requires for Rack things
      app/inetd: explicitly close pipe descriptors on CatBody#close
      unicorn 0.90.0