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tag namev3.0.0 (e4fb2ef2a07332ed3f342bbb5af84adeb2a30c6d)
tag date2010-11-20 10:41:05 +0800
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit dee9e6432c...
unicorn 3.0.0 - disable rewindable input!
Rewindable "rack.input" may be disabled via the
"rewindable_input false" directive in the configuration file.
This will violate Rack::Lint for Rack 1.x applications, but can
reduce I/O for applications that do not need a rewindable

This release updates us to the Kgio 2.x series which should play
more nicely with other libraries and applications.  There are
also internal cleanups and improvements for future versions of

The Unicorn 3.x series supercedes the 2.x series
while the 1.x series will remain supported indefinitely.