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tag namev4.2.0 (c214e41abd636aebfbdbab1fc9e9d42b6c5d3c7b)
tag date2012-01-28 09:18:39 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit b6a154eba6...
unicorn 4.2.0
The GPLv3 is now an option to the Unicorn license.  The existing GPLv2
and Ruby-only terms will always remain options, but the GPLv3 is

Daemonization is correctly detected on all terminals for development
use (Brian P O'Rourke).

Unicorn::OobGC respects applications that disable GC entirely
during application dispatch (Yuichi Tateno).

Many test fixes for OpenBSD, which may help other *BSDs, too.
(Jeremy Evans).

There is now _optional_ SSL support (via the "kgio-monkey"
RubyGem).  On fast, secure LANs, SSL is only intended for
detecting data corruption that weak TCP checksums cannot detect.
Our SSL support is remains unaudited by security experts.

There are also some minor bugfixes and documentation

Ruby 2.0.0dev also has a copy-on-write friendly GC which can save memory
when combined with "preload_app true", so if you're in the mood, start
testing Unicorn with the latest Ruby!