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tag namev5.2.0 (187d007375b7f06590d2e8381ffadf676b01d2d6)
tag date2016-10-31 20:00:33 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <e@80x24.org>
tagged objectcommit a72d2e7fbd...
unicorn 5.2.0
Most notably, this release allows us to support requests with
lines delimited by LF-only, as opposed to the standard CRLF
pair and allowed by RFC 2616 sec 19.3.

Thanks to Mishael A Sibiryakov for the explanation and change:


Thanks to Let's Encrypt, the website also moves to HTTPS
<https://bogomips.org/unicorn/> to improve reader privacy.  The
"unicorn.bogomips.org" subdomain will be retired soon to reduce
subjectAltName bloat and speed up certificate renewals.

There's also the usual round of documentation and example
updates, too.

Eric Wong (7):
      examples/init.sh: update to reduce upgrade raciness
      doc: systemd should only kill master in example
      examples/logrotate.conf: update example for systemd
      doc: update gmane URLs to point to our own archives
      relocate website to https://bogomips.org/unicorn/
      TODO: remove Rack 2.x item
      build: "install-gem" target avoids network

Mishael A Sibiryakov (1):
      Add some tolerance (RFC2616 sec. 19.3)