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tag namev6.0.0 (2c5cce88bf5ddac2a9b50bb3112cf1c9476aa6fe)
tag date2021-03-17 02:38:58 -0400
tagged byEric Wong <bofh@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 3ed7dfc218...
unicorn 6.0.0 - no more recycling Rack env
This release allocates a new Rack `env' hash for every request.
This is done for safety with internally-(thread|event)-using Rack
apps which expect to use `env' after the normal Rack response is
complete, but without relying on rack.hijack[1].  Thanks to
Dirkjan Bussink <d.bussink@gmail.com> for the patch:


The major version is bumped since:

1) there are performance regressions for some simple Rack apps

2) unsupported 3rd-party monkey patches which previously
   relied on this behavior may be broken (our version of
   OobGC was).

The test suite is also more reliable on multi-core systems
and Ruby 3.x.

[1] thread from 2017 around rack.hijack safety: