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Issues is the best place to report bugs, submit patches and/or obtain support after you have searched the email archives and documentation.

We will never have a centralized or formal bug tracker. Instead we can interoperate with any bug tracker which can Cc: us plain-text to This includes the Debian BTS at and possibly others.

unicorn is a server; it does not depend on graphics/audio. Nobody communicating with us will ever be expected to go through the trouble of setting up graphics nor audio support.

If your issue is of a sensitive nature or you're just shy in public, use anonymity tools such as Tor or Mixmaster; and rely on the public mail archives for responses. Be sure to scrub sensitive log messages and such.

If you don't get a response within a few days, we may have forgotten about it so feel free to ask again.

Bugs in related projects

unicorn is sometimes affected by bugs in its dependencies. Bugs triggered by unicorn in mainline Ruby, rack, GNU C library (glibc), or the Linux kernel will be reported upstream and fixed.

For bugs in Ruby itself, we may forward bugs to and discuss+fix them on the ruby-core list at Subscription to post is required to ruby-core, unfortunately: Unofficial archives are available at:

For uncommon bugs in Rack, we may forward bugs to and discuss there. Subscription (without any web UI or Google account) is possible via: Note: not everyone can use the proprietary bug tracker used by Rack, but their mailing list remains operational. Unofficial archives are available at:

Uncommon bugs we encounter in the Linux kernel should be Cc:-ed to the Linux kernel mailing list (LKML) at and subsystem maintainers such as (for networking issues). It is expected practice to Cc: anybody involved with any problematic commits (including those in the Signed-off-by: and other trailer lines). No subscription is necessary, and the our mailing list follows the same conventions as LKML for interopability. Archives are available at There is a Bugzilla instance, but it is ignored by most.

Likewise for any rare glibc bugs we might encounter, we should Cc: Unofficial archives are available at: Keep in mind glibc upstream does use Bugzilla for tracking bugs:

Submitting Patches

See the HACKING document (and additionally, the SubmittingPatches document distributed with git) on guidelines for patch submission.

Contact Info

Mail is publicly-archived, SMTP subscription is discouraged to avoid servers being a single-point-of-failure, so Cc: all participants.

The HTTP(S) archives have links to per-thread Atom feeds and downloadable mboxes. Read-only IMAP(S) folders, POP3, and NNTP(S) newsgroups are available.

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