0.2.0 / 2009-11-14 01:54 UTC

  This release fixes several bugs and adds better compatibility
  with existing upload progress implementations from other web

  'config.gem "upr"' in Rails config/environment should work now
  that double loads are non-fatal (but still warn).  Additionally,
  better error handling has been added and timeouts increased
  to reduce the probability of errors due to slow clients.

  The Rack backend can now generate JSON responses compatible[1]
  with upload progress modules for both lighttpd and nginx.
  Additionally, streaming JSON as demonstrated in
  mongrel_streaming_upload_progress is supported, too.

  This is a list of upload progress modules we are compatible

  1. mongrel_upload_progress
  2. jquery-upload-progress
  3. mongrel_streaming_upload_progress

  Eric Wong (32):
        README: fix grammar/speling mistakes
        README: fix grammar bug (excessive dash)
        monitor: fix class name in RDoc
        monitor: add "finish" method
        input_wrapper: use the new finish methods in backends
        example/rainbows_config: disable Nagle's algorithm
        examples/rails_app-2.3.4: fix session verifier 1.9
        examples/rails_app-2.3.4: move middleware setup to config.ru
        examples/rails_app-2.3.4: smaller JavaScript footprint
        split upr/status out to its own file
        status: add error? method
        Clarify license of examples
        upr/status: add done? method
        Revert "examples/rails_app-2.3.4: move middleware setup to config.ru"
        Split out Params and StatusMethods
        input_wrapper: don't wrap if we don't have to
        set "encoding: binary" to workaround 1.9 insanity
        backends: internal API updates/cleanups
        gemspec: put a hard dependency on Rack
        add JSON generator
        input_wrapper: lower default frequency
        examples/rails: UprStatus reuses expiry in Upr::Monitor
        Upr::Monitor expiry is 60 seconds
        Add jQuery-compatible Rails example
        JSON compatible with Ry Dahl's Ajax.Pull + example
        Update README
        example/rails_app-2.3.4: limit compat 1.9 to only 1.9
        example/rails_app-2.3.4: UprStatus unit tests
        tests: add Monitor tests (also reaches into Status)
        JSON: set no-transform in headers
        examples/rails_app-2.3.4: show links to different interfaces
        update README

0.1.0 / 2009-11-11 01:18 UTC

  Eric Wong (5):
        initial commit
        examples/rails: cleanup files when we're done
        demo: links to and from the demo site, cleanup output
        demo: make frequency 1 for smoother output
        update README


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