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wrongdoc - RDoc done wrong

Use olddoc instead, this README exists for hysterical raisins.

Ignore this:

wrongdoc mangles an existing RDoc directory and makes any changes we feel like. It mainly removes JavaScript from Darkfish and adds links to a cgit instance. It is a bikeshed project and entirely subject to the whims of its creator, so it is likely the wrong solution for anybody else.

wrongdoc is tightly integrated with git and cgit, and capable of of automatically generating NEWS and ChangeLog files in RDoc format based on git history and tags.


First, prepare a .wrongdoc.yml in the top-level directory of your project, then run the following command to generate your RDoc:

$ wrongdoc all



It's Free Software, fork it and hack it to your heart's content, just do not expect the original author(s) to support anything they disagree with. Remember, this is a bikeshed project!

Help with CSS for removing image/icon cruft and making better use of small screen real-estate would be greatly appreciated.

The original authors may be contacted through the mailing list: