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::new #advertise! #fix #killkillkill! #path_uri #process #run #source_linkify!

class Wrongdoc::Final



Public Class Methods

new (opts, git_tag = nil) source

Public Instance Methods

advertise! (doc) source

Don't give the original Darkfish a bad name, and advertise ourselves :)

fix (file) source
killkillkill! (doc) source

delete all the stuff that offends us

path_uri (path, lineno) source

returns a cgit URI for the given path and lineno

process (str) source

the main entry point, this does all the require processing on any given String buffer.

run () source
source_linkify! (doc) source

since we killed off JavaScript, viewing source isn't possible with RDoc anymore, so link people to the web source viewer

Included modules: Wrongdoc::ParseXMLWrongdoc::NewsAtom
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