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2016-12-14yahns 1.14.1 - bugfixes only v1.14.1
2016-12-14proxy_pass: do not chunk on bodyless upstream responses
2016-12-14response: do not set chunked header on bodyless responses
2016-11-29http_response: support rack.hijack on HTTP/0.9 responses
2016-11-29queue_*: fix outdated comments
2016-11-14yahns 1.14.0 - removing undefined behavior v1.14.0
2016-11-12req_res: do not send 502 on catchall error if response buffered
2016-11-11response: fixup compile error
2016-11-08response: only stream "file" responses on known length
2016-11-08stream_file: remove #to_io support from responses
2016-09-26move website to https://yhbt.net/yahns/
2016-08-06openssl_client: avoid undefined SSL_write behavior
2016-08-05yahns 1.13.0 - some user-visible improvements... v1.13.0
2016-08-05extras/exec_cgi: fix for HTTPoxy vulnerability
2016-08-03Revert "document Rack::Chunked/ContentLength semi-requirements" autochunk
2016-08-03response: support auto-chunking for HTTP/1.1
2016-08-03response: reduce stack overhead for parameter passing
2016-08-03response: drop clients after HTTP responses of unknown length
2016-08-02test: skip some buffering tests on non-default values
2016-08-02doc: add session cache usage to OpenSSL example
2016-07-26fix rack 2.x compatibility bugs
2016-07-26http_response: drop bodies for non-compliant responses
2016-07-20wbuf_lite: clear @busy flag when re-arming
2016-07-20wbuf_lite: reset sf_offset/sf_count consistently
2016-07-19wbuf_lite: unify EOF error handling
2016-07-19wbuf_lite: prevent clobbering responses
2016-07-12wbuf_lite: truncate StringIO when done
2016-07-12wbuf_lite: use StringIO instead of TmpIO
2016-07-12test_proxy_pass_no_buffering: exclude rb/ru files, too
2016-07-07update init and add systemd examples
2016-07-05extras: include status messages in responses
2016-07-05proxy_pass: avoid stuck responses in "proxy_buffering: false"
2016-07-05proxy_pass: avoid accessing logger in env after hijacking
2016-07-05proxy_pass: avoid TOCTTOU race when unbuffering, too
2016-07-04proxy_pass: keep trailer buffer on blocked client writes
2016-07-04openssl_client: wrap shutdown for graceful termination
2016-07-03test_ssl: remove unnecessary priv_key DH parameter
2016-06-22extras/try_gzip_static: resolve symlinks
2016-06-14wbuf_common: reset offset counter when done
2016-06-07proxy_pass: fix HTTP/1.0 backends on EOF w/o buffering
2016-06-07proxy_pass: more descriptive error messages
2016-06-07cleanup graceful shutdown handling
2016-06-07queue_*: check for closed IO objects
2016-06-07test_proxy_pass_no_buffering: fix racy test
2016-06-06wbuf_lite: fix write retries for OpenSSL sockets
2016-06-06wbuf: remove tmpdir parameter
2016-06-05extras/try_gzip_static: do not show backtrace on syscall errors
2016-06-05Merge branch 'maint'
2016-06-05yahns 1.12.5 - proxy_pass + rack.hijack fixes v1.12.5 maint
2016-06-05proxy_pass: X-Forwarded-For appends to existing list