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2016-09-26move website to https://yhbt.net/yahns/
2016-08-03Revert "document Rack::Chunked/ContentLength semi-requirements" autochunk
2016-08-02doc: add session cache usage to OpenSSL example
2016-04-29document Rack::Chunked/ContentLength semi-requirements
2016-04-06doc: recommend "verify_mode: OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE"
2016-03-01yahns 1.12.2 - minor doc and TLS fixes v1.12.2
2016-02-29document SSL::SSL::SSLContext#set_params use
2016-02-22doc: more minor updates
2016-02-21doc: mention kqueue/kevent alongside epoll
2016-02-14doc: various doc and linkification improvements
2016-02-14doc: document ssl_ctx for "listen" directive
2016-02-14doc: trim down documentation slightly
2016-02-14doc: switch to perlpod (from pandoc-flavored Markdown)
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2015-12-04doc: document and reference sd_listen_fds(3) behavior
2015-10-13copyright updates
2015-04-01doc: note possible removal of client_body_buffer_size
2015-01-14doc: add design_notes document
2014-05-09update documentation to reflect public-inbox/list
2013-11-07doc: caution users against disabling buffering
2013-11-07doc: recommend worker_processes if the app uses SIGCHLD
2013-11-01input and output buffers support tmpdir: arguments
2013-10-31yahns-rackup launcher
2013-10-31doc: disambiguate threads: option for listen directive
2013-10-31allow atfork_* hooks inside app blocks for ease-of-management
2013-10-31implement before_exec hook
2013-10-31doc: fix client_timeout documentation in yahns_config
2013-10-31implement shutdown_timeout and expiry on graceful shutdown
2013-10-30allow multiple blocking threads per listen socket
2013-10-29gem: install manpages in the RubyGems package
2013-10-29lower client_body_buffer_size to 8K (from 114K)
2013-10-29implement user switching
2013-10-29doc: preliminary manpages for yahns(1), yahns_config(5)