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2016-09-26move website to https://yhbt.net/yahns/
2016-08-05extras/exec_cgi: fix for HTTPoxy vulnerability
2016-07-26fix rack 2.x compatibility bugs
2016-07-05extras: include status messages in responses
2016-06-22extras/try_gzip_static: resolve symlinks
2016-06-05extras/try_gzip_static: do not show backtrace on syscall errors
2016-04-30extras/exec_cgi: document cgit example
2016-02-14extras/autoindex: support hiding dotfiles
2016-01-03extras/exec_cgi: fix frozen string error on slow responses
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2016-01-02enable frozen_string_literal for Ruby 2.3+
2015-10-13copyright updates
2015-08-14extras/try_gzip_static: require readability on HEAD requests
2015-05-11extras/proxy_pass: remove compatibility note
2015-05-09proxy_pass: favor literal hash over arrays for error responses
2015-04-07extras/proxy_pass: reinstate synchronous version
2015-03-14proxy_pass: officially become a part of yahns
2015-03-14extras/proxy_pass: support Unix domain sockets as backends
2015-03-14extras/proxy_pass: implicit $fullpath expansion for upstreams
2015-03-13avoid unnecessary calls #to_sym for __send__
2015-03-13extras/proxy_pass: remove ERROR_502 constant
2015-03-12extras/proxy_pass: remove unused CHUNK_SIZE constant
2015-03-03extras/proxy_pass: flesh out upload support + tests
2015-03-03extras/proxy_pass: log exceptions leading to 502
2015-03-03extras/proxy_pass: do not name unused variable
2015-02-10extras/proxy_pass: save memory in String#split arg
2014-12-02extras/autoindex: simplify checking non-.gz
2014-09-20extras/autoindex: integrate with TryGzipStatic
2014-09-20extras/autoindex: fix misnamed variable
2014-09-01extras/autoindex: do not link beyond top-level
2014-04-21extras/exec_cgi: pass SCRIPT_NAME from Rack env
2014-04-21extras/exec_cgi: allow passing custom env
2013-12-30extras/*: use binary path names
2013-12-22extras/exec_cgi: skip GATEWAY_INTERFACE from Rack env
2013-12-19extras/exec_cgi: document dependency on current rack.git
2013-11-16extras/exec_cgi: split head from body properly
2013-11-15try_gzip_static: set no-transform on non-text types
2013-11-15extras/try_gzip_static: account for Rack::Deflater use
2013-11-15encoding: binary for everything
2013-11-12exec_cgi: drop chunk/content-length
2013-11-12extras/*: log full backtraces for errors
2013-11-12extras/try_gzip_static: return 404 on ENOTDIR
2013-11-10test: exec_cgi test uses worker_processes
2013-11-07exec_cgi: release pipe/pid sooner
2013-11-06http_response: reorder wbuf_maybe on successful early flush
2013-11-05extras: add proxy_pass Rack app
2013-11-05extras: add autoindex module
2013-11-05extras: add README
2013-11-02add extras for exec_cgi and try_gzip_static