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2012-11-06test_clogger: fix Ruby 1.8 test compatibility
2012-11-02avoid calling "<<" on env["rack.errors"]
2012-06-08test case to simulate Rack::BodyProxy usage pattern
2011-12-05escape individual cookie values from $cookie_*
2011-12-05escape bytes in the 0x7F-0xFF range, too
2011-05-11tests: add full URL example
2011-04-19$time_local and $time_utc are locale-independent
2011-04-16add support for $time_iso8601 format
2011-03-16:format may be a Symbol for less typing
2011-01-21delegate method_missing calls to the response body
2011-01-21pass along "to_io" calls to the body
2011-01-14properly support $time_utc as documented
2011-01-14handle abitrarily long time formats in C extension
2011-01-14remove Clogger::ToPath proxy class
2011-01-14test_clogger_to_path: do not assume implementation details
2010-12-25fix $msec and $usec in pure Ruby variant
2010-12-24use clock_gettime for time resolution
2010-12-24accept a new :path argument in initialize
2010-06-06pass-through body.to_path when wrapping the body
2010-06-06when wrapping the body, body.close writes the log
2010-04-21test: fix Linux memory usage test
2010-04-08ext: use FIX macros instead of generic NUM macros if possible
2010-02-13ext: fix memory leak when reentrant/multithreaded v0.3.1
2010-02-08Allow :reentrant flag to be forced true/false
2010-01-06ext: unpack response arrays unconditionally
2009-10-06tests for subclassing
2009-09-09handle bodies that do not respond to :close
2009-09-04use Rack::Utils::HeaderHash for $sent_http_* lookups
2009-09-03add output record separator option (:ORS)
2009-09-03Ensure underlying logger objects are sync=true
2009-09-02alias $http_content_{length,type} to $content_{length,type}
2009-09-02expose the $content_length/$content_type variables
2009-09-02expose $request_method as documented in the README
2009-09-01correctly rebuild simple HTTP/0.9 GET requests
2009-09-01Ensure hex escaping is done in uppercase
2009-09-01ext: ensure headers#each in response is valid
2009-08-29Log bad/invalid app responses as 500 errors
2009-08-29support "$request_uri" as a log variable
2009-08-28initial import