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2011-03-15Rainbows! 3.2.0 - trying to send files to slow clients v3.2.0
2011-03-10switch from IO#sendfile_nonblock to IO#trysendfile
2011-02-28use IO#wait instead of IO.select for single readers
2011-02-11Rainbows! 3.1.0 - minor updates v3.1.0
2011-02-11reverse_proxy: document as "not ready for production"
2011-02-07fix optional "use" argument handling
2011-02-07doc: rdoc cleanups and fixes
2011-02-06minimize &block usage for yield
2011-02-06kill some unnecessary &block usage
2011-02-05*epoll: refactor common loop code
2011-02-05*epoll: consolidate re-run logic
2011-02-05writer_thread_pool: needless use of Array#map
2011-02-05less expensive QUIT processing
2011-02-05http_server: kill a warning
2011-02-04bump required Unicorn dependency for Kgio
2011-02-04rename XAcceptEpoll to XEpoll
2011-02-04test_isolate: use latest Unicorn
2011-02-04reverse_proxy: small reorganization
2011-02-04reverse_proxy: properly read IPv6 addreses in upstreams
2011-02-04epoll: handle EINTR properly in Ruby-space
2011-02-01preliminary reverse proxy Rack application
2011-01-31coolio/client: on_write_complete triggers read
2011-01-26epoll/client: avoid unnecessary Epoll#set calls
2011-01-24initial XAcceptEpoll concurrency model
2011-01-24epoll/client: thread-safety for write queuing
2011-01-24epoll: make Epoll.quit more reusable
2011-01-24neverblock: fix app_call under 1.8.7
2011-01-24clear LISTENERS array on close
2011-01-21epoll/client: minor optimization
2011-01-21ev_core: force input to be given to app_call
2011-01-21epoll/client: factor out on_close method
2011-01-21epoll/client: remove unused client
2011-01-21epoll: reduce expiration calls and Time objects
2011-01-21ev_core: garbage reduction
2011-01-21epoll: use newer sleepy_penguin
2011-01-21max_body: disable for epoll
2011-01-21epoll: use sleepy_penguin default size for epoll_wait
2011-01-20epoll: close epoll descriptor on graceful shutdown
2011-01-20remove support for Sunshowers
2011-01-20epoll: ignore ECONNRESET errors
2011-01-20ev_core: simplify setup steps
2011-01-20merge rack_input into process_client
2011-01-20ev_core: localize 413 error constant
2011-01-20remove unused 416 error constants/exceptions
2011-01-20dev_fd_response: garbage reduction
2011-01-19dev_fd_response: do not send chunks to 1.0 clients
2011-01-19remove support for X-Rainbows-* headers
2011-01-19initial edge-triggered epoll model
2011-01-17ev_core: reuse buffer to avoid GC thrashing
2011-01-11Rainbows! 3.0.0 - serving the fastest apps to slow clients faster! v3.0.0