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2017-03-17define Raindrops::TCP hash for TCP states freebsd
2017-03-17tcp_info: support this struct under FreeBSD
2017-03-15test_watcher: disable test correctly when aggregate is missing
2017-03-15TypedData C-API conversion
2017-03-01TCP_Info: custom documentation for #get!
2017-03-01ext: fix documentation for C ext-defined classes
2017-02-23TODO: add item for IPv6 breakage
2016-09-27test_inet_diag_socket: fix Fixnum deprecation warning
2016-07-31raindrops 0.17.0 - rack 2.x updates v0.17.0
2016-07-31examples: add yahns config, zbatery is abandoned
2016-07-29use HTTPS and move homepage to https://bogomips.org/raindrops/
2016-07-28linux_inet_diag: GCC attribute format check
2016-07-28gemspec: bump Rack dependency
2016-07-27drop Rack::Utils.bytesize dependency
2016-02-29raindrops 0.16.0 - minor fixes and workarounds v0.16.0
2016-02-25build: use '--local' domain for dev gem install
2016-02-25linux: tcp_listener_stats drops "true" placeholders
2016-02-24README: remove indentation from URLs in RDoc
2016-02-24doc: update URLs and references
2016-02-24middleware: minor bytecode size reduction
2016-02-24add .gitattributes for Ruby method detection
2016-02-23linux: remove Pathname stdlib dependency
2016-02-23linux: workaround Ruby 2.3 change
2016-02-02remove optimizations which made sense for older rubies
2015-08-29gemspec: avoid circular dependency on unicorn
2015-07-22raindrops 0.15.0 - non-glibc compat fix on Linux v0.15.0
2015-07-14check for the existence of linux/tcp.h
2015-06-25raindrops 0.14.0 - misc doc updates v0.14.0
2015-01-14linux_inet_diag: fix Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings
2015-01-14TODO: add item for unix_diag and udp_diag
2015-01-14linux_inet_diag: clarify *fprintf usage without GVL
2015-01-13move mailing list to raindrops-public@bogomips.org
2015-01-13modernize packaging and documentation
2015-01-13README: trim intro and update license
2014-11-14Add setup and teardown for ipv6 tests
2014-09-07linux_inet_diag: annotate memory freeing on diag errors
2014-02-18raindrops 0.13.0 several minor fixes and improvements v0.13.0
2014-02-18license: use LGPLv2.1 or later (was LGPL (2.1|3.0)-only)
2014-02-18linux_inet_diag: fix Ruby 2.2 (dev) build
2014-02-18raindrops.gemspec: add wrongdoc dev dependency
2013-11-05last_data_recv: do not assume Unicorn includes all constants
2013-11-05Rakefile: remove raa_update task
2013-09-13Remove Scope IDs from IPv6 addresses.
2013-09-02raindrops 0.12.0 - compatibility fixes v0.12.0
2013-09-02test_watcher: fix for Ruby trunk r40195 and later
2013-08-31linux_inet_diag: improve compatibility with newer GCs
2013-08-28extconf: try harder for gcc atomics in i386-configured systems
2013-04-20README: update regarding Ruby support status
2013-04-20doc: add email address to generated doc/site
2013-04-20raindrops 0.11.0 - minor fixes improvements v0.11.0