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authorEric Wong <>2010-05-18 14:11:12 -0700
committerEric Wong <>2010-05-18 14:11:12 -0700
commitced5c2f959f2560e904c9b82837b1a2f645b8621 (patch)
parent95b75a5043b34f39ece4f52befb4b3f884dfdd20 (diff)
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diff --git a/Documentation/unicorn.1.txt b/Documentation/unicorn.1.txt
index e05a916..24df7ab 100644
--- a/Documentation/unicorn.1.txt
+++ b/Documentation/unicorn.1.txt
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ A rackup(1)-like command to launch Rack applications using Unicorn.
 It is expected to be started in your application root (APP_ROOT),
 but the "working_directory" directive may be used in the CONFIG_FILE.
-While Unicorn takes a myriad of command-line options for
+While unicorn takes a myriad of command-line options for
 compatibility with ruby(1) and rackup(1), it is recommended to stick
 to the few command-line options specified in the SYNOPSIS and use
 the CONFIG_FILE as much as possible.