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tag namev0.990.0 (d292c77b9294743ada08adc79fc272a7d67ed031)
tag date2010-06-08 09:41:02 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <normalperson@yhbt.net>
tagged objectcommit 6c1e66a3f3...
unicorn 0.990.0 - inching towards 1.0
Thanks to Augusto Becciu for finding a bug in the HTTP parser
that caused a TypeError (and 500) when a rare client set the
"Version:" header which conflicts with the HTTP_VERSION header
we parse in the first line of the request[1].

Horizontal tabs are now allowed as leading whitespace in header
values as according to RFC 2616 as pointed out by
I├▒aki Baz Castillo[2].

Taking a hint from Rack 1.1, the "logger" configuration
parameter no longer requires a "close" method.  This means some
more Logger replacements may be used.

There's a new, optional, Unicorn (and maybe Passenger)-only
middleware, Unicorn::OobGC[2] that runs GC outside of the normal
request/response cycle to help out memory-hungry applications.
Thanks to Luke Melia for being brave enough to test and report
back on my big_app_gc.rb monkey patch[3] which lead up to this.

Rails 3 (beta) support:

  Using "unicorn" is still recommended as Rails 3 comes with
  a config.ru, but "unicorn_rails" is cleaned up a bit and
  *should* work as well as "unicorn" out-of-the-box.  Feedback
  is much appreciated.

Rubinius updates:

  USR2 binary upgrades are broken due to
  {TCPServer,UNIXServer}.for_fd[5][6] being broken

  Repeatedly hitting the server with signals in a tight
  loop is unusual and not recommended[7].

  There are some workarounds and general code cleanups for other
  issues[8], as well but things should generally work unless you
  need USR2 upgrades.  Feedback and reports would be greatly
  appreciated as usual.

MRI support:

  All tests (except old Rails) run and pass under 1.9.2-preview3.
  1.8.7 and 1.9.1 work well as usual and will continue to be
  supported indefinitely.

Lets hope this is the last release before 1.0.  Please report
any issues on the mailing list[9] or email us privately[a].
Don't send HTML mail.

[1] - http://mid.gmane.org/AANLkTimuGgcwNAMcVZdViFWdF-UcW_RGyZAue7phUXps@mail.gmail.com
[2] - http://mid.gmane.org/i2xcc1f582e1005070651u294bd83oc73d1e0adf72373a@mail.gmail.com
[3] - http://unicorn.bogomips.org/Unicorn/OobGC.html
[4] - http://unicorn.bogomips.org/examples/big_app_gc.rb
[5] - http://github.com/evanphx/rubinius/issues/354
[6] - http://github.com/evanphx/rubinius/issues/355
[7] - http://github.com/evanphx/rubinius/issues/356
[8] - http://github.com/evanphx/rubinius/issues/347
[9] - mailto:mongrel-unicorn@rubyforge.org
[a] - mailto:unicorn@bogomips.org