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tag namev4.8.1 (5705e85d6f7628fd0e55ec8284bbc33cd78cda6d)
tag date2014-01-29 08:48:42 +0000
tagged byEric Wong <e@80x24.org>
tagged objectcommit cce86f5459...
unicorn 4.8.1
fix races/error handling in worker SIGQUIT handler

This protects us from two problems:

1) we (or our app) somehow called IO#close on one of the sockets
   we listen on without removing it from the readers array.
   We'll ignore IOErrors from IO#close and assume we wanted to
   close it.

2) our SIGQUIT handler is interrupted by itself.  This can happen as
   a fake signal from the master could be handled and a real signal
   from an outside user is sent to us (e.g. from unicorn-worker-killer)
   or if a user uses the killall(1) command.