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2016-06-05yahns 1.12.5 - proxy_pass + rack.hijack fixes v1.12.5 maint
2016-06-05proxy_pass: X-Forwarded-For appends to existing list
2016-05-16proxy_pass: do not chunk HTTP/1.0 with keep-alive
2016-05-15test/test_client_expire: fix for high RLIMIT_NOFILE
2016-05-09http_client: set state to :ignore before hijack callback
2016-05-02yahns 1.12.4 - rack.hijack and proxy_pass bugfixes v1.12.4
2016-04-30Merge branch 'proxy_pass-fix'
2016-04-30extras/exec_cgi: document cgit example
2016-04-29document Rack::Chunked/ContentLength semi-requirements
2016-04-27proxy_pass: drop resources immediately on errors
2016-04-27proxy_http_response: do not persist upstream on slow clients
2016-04-27proxy_http_response: cleanup: avoid redundant setting of "alive"
2016-04-27wbuf: drop persistence if writing to client fails
2016-04-27test_proxy_pass: test for auto chunking on 1.0 backends
2016-04-23proxy_http_response: fix non-terminated fast responses, too
2016-04-23proxy_pass: honor wbuf_persist when ending response
2016-04-08yahns 1.12.3 - more fixes and doc updates v1.12.3
2016-04-06doc: recommend "verify_mode: OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE"
2016-04-06proxy_http_response: workaround non-terminated backends
2016-03-01yahns 1.12.2 - minor doc and TLS fixes v1.12.2
2016-02-29test/*: fix mktmpdir usage for 1.9.3
2016-02-29ssl: ensure is session_id_context is always set
2016-02-29document SSL::SSL::SSLContext#set_params use
2016-02-22yahns 1.12.1 - more TLS fixes v1.12.1
2016-02-22doc: more minor updates
2016-02-21doc: mention kqueue/kevent alongside epoll
2016-02-20test_ssl: check SERVER_PORT when parsed from Host: header
2016-02-20https: ensure SERVER_PORT defaults to 443
2016-02-20fix output buffering with SSL_write
2016-02-14extras/autoindex: support hiding dotfiles
2016-02-14yahns 1.12.0 - TLS fixes and more! v1.12.0
2016-02-14http_context: reduce constant lookup + bytecode
2016-02-14doc: various doc and linkification improvements
2016-02-14doc: document ssl_ctx for "listen" directive
2016-02-14doc: trim down documentation slightly
2016-02-14doc: switch to perlpod (from pandoc-flavored Markdown)
2016-02-13proxy_pass: pass X-Forwarded-Proto through
2016-02-12set HTTPS and rack.url_scheme in Rack env as appropriate
2016-02-12avoid race conditions in OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext#setup
2016-02-12properly emulate sendfile for OpenSSL sockets
2016-02-12acceptor: all subclasses of TCPServer use TCP_INFO
2016-02-02build: install-gem forced to "--local" domain
2016-01-28gemspec: make rack a development dependency
2016-01-04use String#clear for short-lived buffers we create
2016-01-04avoid StringIO#binmode for the next few years
2016-01-03extras/exec_cgi: fix frozen string error on slow responses
2016-01-02copyright updates for 2016
2016-01-02enable frozen_string_literal for Ruby 2.3+
2015-12-15nodoc internals
2015-12-13add .gitattributes for Ruby method detection