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2009-04-16unicorn 0.5.2 v0.5.2
2009-04-16unicorn/const: kill trailing whitespace
2009-04-16GNUmakefile: small dependency cleanups
2009-04-16test: fix dependency issue with "make test-unit"
2009-04-16ensure responses always have the "Status:" header
2009-04-15http11: default server port is 443 for https
2009-04-15worker_loop cleanups, var golf, and yak-shaving
2009-04-15before_commit and before_exec can never be nil/false
2009-04-14s/rotating/reopening/g in log messages
2009-04-14Explicitly trap SIGINT/SIGTERM again
2009-04-13unicorn 0.5.1 v0.5.1
2009-04-13Fix SIGINT/SIGTERM handling (broken in 0.5.0)
2009-04-13unicorn 0.5.0 v0.5.0
2009-04-13Configurator: add example for user/group switching
2009-04-13Expose worker to {before,after}_fork hooks
2009-04-13Remove unnecessary local variables in process_client
2009-04-13small cleanups in signal handling and worker init
2009-04-12old_rails: try harder to ensure valid responses
2009-04-12Don't bother restoring ENV or umask across reexec
2009-04-12Remove unnecessary sync assignment
2009-04-12Save one fcntl() syscall on every request
2009-04-12test_http_parser: fix broken URL in comment
2009-04-12test_exec: fix potential races in fd leak test
2009-04-12http11: cleanup+safer rack.url_scheme handling
2009-04-11Remove _all_ non-POSIX socket options
2009-04-10listen backlog, sndbuf, rcvbuf are always changeable
2009-04-10Restore unlinked UNIX sockets on SIGHUP
2009-04-10README: doc updates
2009-04-10config: handle listener unbind/replace in config file
2009-04-10close listeners when removing them from our array
2009-04-08http11: handle "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"
2009-04-08http11: Remove qsort/bsearch code paths
2009-04-08test_request: tests esoteric/rare REQUEST_URIs
2009-04-07cleanup some log messages
2009-04-05test_configurator: rename test name that never ran
2009-04-05GNUmakefile: allow "make V=1 ..." for verbosity
2009-04-05GNUmakefile: remove unnecessary asterisks in output
2009-04-05Add test for :preload_app config option
2009-04-05local.mk: touch files after set-file-times
2009-04-05Enforce umask 0000 with UNIX domain sockets
2009-04-03Documentation updates
2009-04-03Add a test for signal recovery
2009-04-03configurator: allow hooks to be passed callable objects
2009-04-03test_helper: redirect_io uses append and sync
2009-04-02unicorn 0.4.2 v0.4.2
2009-04-02GNUmakefile: "install" preserves unicorn_rails
2009-04-02unicorn: remove unnecessary lambda generation
2009-04-02Add log directories to tests
2009-04-02Use File.basename instead of a regexp
2009-04-02test/rails: v2.1.2 + ActiveRecordStore all around