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2021-12-25unicorn 6.1.0 v6.1.0
2021-12-25drop Ruby version warning, fix speling errer
2021-09-26drop Ruby 1.9.3 support, require 2.0+ for now
2021-03-17unicorn 6.0.0 - no more recycling Rack env v6.0.0
2021-03-13bump version for 6.x development
2020-12-24unicorn 5.8.0 - rack.after_reply support v5.8.0
2020-09-08unicorn 5.7.0 v5.7.0
2020-09-06Update ruby_version requirement to allow ruby 3.0
2020-07-26unicorn 5.6.0 - early_hints support v5.6.0
2020-04-27unicorn 5.5.5 v5.5.5
2020-03-24unicorn 5.5.4 v5.5.4
2020-01-31unicorn 5.5.3 v5.5.3
2020-01-20doc: s/bogomips.org/yhbt.net/g
2019-03-04unicorn 5.5.0 v5.5.0
2018-12-20unicorn 5.5.0.pre1 v5.5.0.pre1
2018-07-23unicorn 5.4.1 v5.4.1 5.4-stable
2017-12-23unicorn 5.4.0 v5.4.0
2017-04-01unicorn 5.3.0 v5.3.0
2017-03-24unicorn 5.3.0.pre1 v5.3.0.pre1
2017-03-23gemspec: remove olddoc from build dependency
2016-01-27rack is optional at runtime, required for dev
2016-01-09doc: bump olddoc to ~> 1.2 for extra NNTP URL
2015-11-01gemspec: relax Ruby version requirement for old RubyGems
2015-08-22gemspec: limit to 1.9.3 and 2.x
2015-01-17gemspec: fixup olddoc migration
2015-01-10switch docs + website to olddoc
2014-08-17remove RubyForge and Freecode references
2014-08-17unicorn.gemspec: depend on test-unit 3.0
2014-08-17dev: remove isolate dependency
2014-05-06swap out most of the rubyforge.org links
2013-10-26license: allow all future versions of the GNU GPL
2012-12-04gemspec: enable licenses metadata attribute
2011-12-05bump dependencies
2011-08-19gemspec: bump wrongdoc dependency for dev
2011-06-22gemspec: fix raindrops dependency
2011-06-16replace fchmod()-based heartbeat with raindrops
2011-06-13gemspec: bump kgio dependency to ~> 2.4
2011-05-23gemspec: use latest Isolate (3.1)
2011-03-08gemspec: update kgio dependency to 2.3.2
2011-03-08gemspec: no need for require_paths
2011-02-04bump dependency on kgio
2011-01-05unicorn 3.3.0 - minor optimizations v3.3.0
2010-12-26gemspec: fix gemspec build
2010-12-26bump kgio dependency to ~> 2.1
2010-12-25doc: use wrongdoc for documentation
2010-11-19update to kgio 2.x series
2010-10-27doc: stop using deprecated rdoc CLI options
2010-10-27gemspec: depend on Isolate 3.0.0 for dev
2010-10-08bump kgio dependency
2010-10-08bump kgio dependency to 1.3.0