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2021-10-09yahns 1.18.0 HEAD v1.18.0 master
2021-10-09gemspec: allow unicorn 6.x
2021-10-09server: workaround Linux v5.5..v5.13 epoll bug
2021-10-09do not sleep if signals are pending
2020-04-05extras/try_gzip_static: set "Vary: Accept-Encoding" on gzip
2019-05-10doc: include Yahns/ directory on website
2019-05-10proxy_pass: document as a public API
2019-05-09doc: favor File.read over IO.read to ease review
2019-05-04worker: workaround old F_SETPIPE_SZ bug
2019-04-22yahns 1.17.0 - Earth Day release v1.17.0
2019-04-22doc: remove inaccurate comment about "GNU-ism"
2019-04-21doc: update wording to avoid "mailing list"
2019-04-21doc: update homepage to point to cgit install
2019-04-21extras/autoindex: use dark colors by default
2019-04-02README: note HTTPS support for HTTP/1.1
2019-04-02sigevent_*: fixup non-eventfd path
2019-04-02README: remove SMTP-based subscription info
2019-01-08do not shutdown until listeners are all stopped
2019-01-07remove calls to kgio_wait_* able
2019-01-05worker: rely on F_SETPIPE_SZ to set mininum value
2019-01-05wbuf: use IO#write directly in Ruby 2.5+ for writev
2018-12-30server: extra shutdown timeout debugging
2018-12-30server: respect shutdown_timeout
2018-12-28extras/exec_cgi: remove unecessary .freeze calls
2018-12-28server_mp: remove redundant srand call
2018-12-28server_mp: favor "Kernel#select" instead of "IO.select"
2018-12-28extras/exec_cgi: support Process.spawn options (e.g. RLIMIT_*)
2018-12-27extras/exec_cgi: @body_tip is always set
2018-12-27extras/exec_cgi: update copyright year and use SPDX
2018-12-27extras/exec_cgi: remove kgio dependency
2018-12-27test/test_extras_exec_cgi.rb: improve test reliability
2018-12-13yahns/worker: shrink pipe under Linux
2018-12-08remove IO#close_on_exec= calls
2018-12-08http_client: do not warn on do_pread overreach
2018-12-08@srv.shutdown could raise Errno::ENOTCONN
2018-12-08Add QueueQuitter#closed? to queue_quitter_pipe.rb
2018-08-06doc: fix git URLs in README and HACKING
2018-08-06yahns 1.16.0 v1.16.0
2018-08-05use IO#pread if available in Ruby 2.5
2018-08-05openssl_client: do not attempt writes after SystemCallError
2018-08-05http_client: clear backtrace on "wrong version number" in OpenSSL
2018-07-03doc: https:// URLs instead of git://
2018-07-03test/test_ssl: set SSLContext#security_level=0
2018-07-03test/server_helper: describe reason for termination
2018-05-01tests: thread-safety fixes
2017-11-14fix some unused variables
2017-04-27test: allow setting TAIL env to watch error logs
2017-04-26test_rack_env: additional test for Rack environment
2017-04-20server: fix incomplete comment about SSLContext#setup
2017-04-06allow omitting specifying socket name when inheriting listen socket