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2017-10-03unicorn 5.3.1 v5.3.1 5.3-stable
2017-10-03fix GC issue on rb_global_variable array
2017-04-01unicorn 5.3.0 v5.3.0
2017-03-27test_exec: SO_KEEPALIVE value only needs to be true (take #2)
2017-03-26Check for Socket::TCP_INFO constant before trying to get TCP_INFO
2017-03-24Check for SocketError on first ccc attempt
2017-03-24doc: note after_worker_exit is also 5.3.0+
2017-03-24unicorn 5.3.0.pre1 v5.3.0.pre1
2017-03-23doc: add version annotations for new features
2017-03-23gemspec: remove olddoc from build dependency
2017-03-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/worker_exec'
2017-03-23Merge branch 'ccc-tcp-v3'
2017-03-23http_server: initialize @pid ivar
2017-03-23input: update documentation and hide internals.
2017-03-23doc: remove private email support address
2017-03-22test_ccc: use a pipe to synchronize test ccc-tcp-v3
2017-03-21ISSUES: expand on mail archive info + subscription disclaimer
2017-03-21http_request: support proposed Raindrops::TCP states on non-Linux
2017-03-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ccc-tcp-v3'
2017-03-14doc: fix links to raindrops project
2017-03-14test_exec: SO_KEEPALIVE value only needs to be true
2017-03-14tests: keep disabled tests defined
2017-03-14test-lib: expr(1) portability fix
2017-03-14freebsd: avoid EINVAL when setting accept filter
2017-03-14http_request: reduce insn size for check_client_connection
2017-03-13Don't pass a block for fork when forking workers worker_exec
2017-03-10Add worker_exec configuration option
2017-03-08oob_gc: rely on opt_aref_with optimization on Ruby 2.2+
2017-03-08unicorn_http: reduce rb_global_variable calls
2017-03-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/chroot'
2017-03-08support "struct tcp_info" on non-Linux and Ruby 2.2+
2017-03-08revert signature change to HttpServer#process_client
2017-03-08new test for check_client_connection
2017-03-08check_client_connection: use tcp state on linux ccc-tcp-v2
2017-03-01t0011-active-unix-socket.sh: fix race condition in test
2017-02-23Add after_worker_ready configuration option chroot
2017-02-23Add support for chroot to Worker#user
2017-02-23Fix code example in after_worker_exit documentation
2017-02-21Add after_worker_exit configuration option
2017-02-21t/t0012-reload-empty-config.sh: access ivars directly if needed
2017-02-15Revert "remove response_start_sent"
2017-02-13http_request: freeze constant strings passed IO#write
2017-02-13remove response_start_sent
2017-02-10tee_input: simplify condition for IO#write
2016-11-28TUNING: document THP caveat for Linux users
2016-11-09drop rb_str_set_len compatibility replacement
2016-10-31unicorn 5.2.0 v5.2.0
2016-10-31build: "install-gem" target avoids network
2016-10-31TODO: remove Rack 2.x item
2016-10-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/website-move'