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2019-07-05http: gperf 3.0.3 compatibility gperf
2019-07-04http: memoize more common fields
2019-07-04http: use gperf for common fields optimization
2019-07-04unit benchmark for our HTTP parser
2019-07-03examples/unicorn@.service: note the NonBlocking flag
2019-05-12test/benchmark/uconnect: test for accept loop speed
2019-05-12test/benchmark/readinput: demo for slowly uploading clients
2019-05-12test/benchmark/ddstream: demo for slowly reading clients
2019-05-06unicorn 5.5.1 v5.5.1
2019-05-03Rescue failed pipe resizes due to permissions
2019-04-22doc: switch homepage to dark216
2019-04-15doc: stop advertising mailing list subscription
2019-04-15doc: unicorn_rails: clarify that it is intended for rails <= 2.x
2019-03-06unicorn_rails: fix regression with Rails >= 3.x in app build
2019-03-04unicorn 5.5.0 v5.5.0
2018-12-28Links: add historical mongrel dev list mirror
2018-12-26use rb_gc_register_mark_object
2018-12-20unicorn 5.5.0.pre1 v5.5.0.pre1
2018-12-19README: minor updates and additional disclaimer
2018-12-13doc/ISSUES: add links to git clone-able mail archives of our dependencies
2018-12-12deduplicate strings VM-wide in Ruby 2.5+
2018-10-18doc: update more URLs to use HTTPS and avoid redirects
2018-09-21Support default_middleware configuration option
2018-09-18tests: ensure -N/--no-default-middleware not supported in config.ru
2018-09-13Make Worker#user support different process primary group and log file group
2018-08-20socket_helper: add hint for FreeBSD users for accf_http(9)
2018-08-20shrink pipes under Linux
2018-07-23Merge branch '5.4-stable'
2018-07-23use IO#wait instead of kgio_wait_readable
2018-07-23remove random seed reset atfork
2018-07-23unicorn 5.4.1 v5.4.1 5.4-stable
2018-05-01quiet some mismatched indentation warnings
2018-02-24Use IO#wait instead to fix test for Ruby 1.9
2017-12-23unicorn 5.4.0 v5.4.0
2017-12-23ISSUES: add a note about Debian BTS interopability
2017-12-22tests: cleanup some unused variable warnings
2017-12-16avoid reusing env on hijack
2017-11-16require 'pp' if $DEBUG is set by Rack app
2017-10-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.3-stable'
2017-10-03unicorn 5.3.1 v5.3.1 5.3-stable
2017-10-03fix GC issue on rb_global_variable array
2017-10-03fix GC issue on rb_global_variable array
2017-04-08reduce method calls with String#start_with?
2017-04-01unicorn 5.3.0 v5.3.0
2017-03-27test_exec: SO_KEEPALIVE value only needs to be true (take #2)
2017-03-26Check for Socket::TCP_INFO constant before trying to get TCP_INFO
2017-03-24Check for SocketError on first ccc attempt
2017-03-24doc: note after_worker_exit is also 5.3.0+
2017-03-24unicorn 5.3.0.pre1 v5.3.0.pre1
2017-03-23doc: add version annotations for new features